Managing Stress:
What’s Your Dial Setting?

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Effectively managing stress in your life can be designed to counteract the negative way you react when stress occurs.  Do you tend to get overexcited when stressed, or do you tend to shut down with stress?  Either way you react, the goal of stress management is to divert attention from the stressor so that you can effectively navigate through the situation. 

Depending on your reaction to the stressor, you may need to dial down your pressure gauge setting to calm down or you may need to dial up your pressure gauge setting to create more energy.  Notice, we realize that you may not be able to eliminate the stress in your life situations, but at least we can offer ways for effectively managing stress as it begins to affect your life.

Dial It Down

If you find yourself becoming agitated when experiencing stress, then you will want to identify strategies that quiet you down.  Look for ways to relax your breathing and stretch tense muscles.  We offer many articles describing effective relaxation techniques.

Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

Calming a Stressful Lifestyle

How to Relieve Stress—Pamper Yourself

Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress 

Dial It Up

If you find yourself shutting down when experiencing stress, then you will want to find strategies that are energizing.  Find stress management activities that get your body moving and healthy eating strategies that provide much needed energy.  Here are four articles that provide energizing techniques to try.

An Exercise and Stress Reducing Program for Women

Exercise Reduces Stress in Women

Stress and Nutrition: Add These Healthy Foods to Your Diet

Stress Relief Games: Found in One Big Book

The most beneficial stress management strategies in your life occur when you become aware of how your body handles stress.  By identifying the patterns of your reactions, you can practice stress management strategies that will provide fast and effective stress relief.  Handling stress when it occurs is a way to staying happy, focused and productive.  Addressing stress as soon as it happens can help you guard against becoming overwhelmed.

Stress Management for Women

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