Ways to Manage Stress
Calming a Stressful Lifestyle

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Effective ways to manage stress allow you to take control of our life situation.  With so many demands placed on you and with so many wanting your attention, it is not hard to understand how you can feel overwhelmed.  Maybe you are a mom with kids attending an endless number of activities. You may be trying to find work/life balance

As women we wear many hats and try to balance conflicting demands on our time.  In order to enjoy life and be able to maintain a positive attitude about ourselves, we need to find ways to effectively reduce the stress in our lives.  Here are three stress management strategies to help calm a stressful lifestyle.

1.  Plan your work & work your plan.

 If you have an action plan that you have devised to organize all of the demands you have to meet, then you have effectively created a road map to follow.  One of the ways to manage stress is to prioritize the demands on your time and set goals to monitor your progress.  Visit the pages on designing SMART Goals and Time Management Techniques found on this website.

2.  Simplify your life.

 Look for ways to save time with your household chores, with your work schedule and with the events that you coordinate. Avoid planning complex projects that can be less stressful if they are simplified.  Streamlining meal production, interior decorating projects and just avoiding too much clutter in your life can help reduce the stress you feel and help you feel more control over your life situations.  Visit the pages on Simplifying Your Life and Organizing Your Clutter for more advice.

3.  Take a deep breath.

Relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercises are great stress busters.  When you feel overwhelmed take 15 minutes for yourself to refocus and gain clarity.  You may want to go for a walk to clear you mind and put things in perspective.  You may find the pages on Relaxation Techniques and Stress Relief to be helpful advice that you can follow.

Everyone has an occasion when life seems overwhelming and out of control.  Following suggestions from these three tips are helpful ways to manage stress and bring back a sense of calm in your life.

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